CPDA Interactive Event Series

In June 2021, we introduced our new CPDA Interactive event series. We asked YOU, our CPDA community, what you would like to see at our future events. Future events are being planned, and we hope we’ll see you at them. When you attend our CPDA Interactive events, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Collaborate with fellow CPDAs and discuss challenges you may be facing.
  • Learn how others approach workplace issues and difficult conversations.
  • Celebrate your wins and the growth of the professional discipline.
  • Recommend interesting courses or professional programs.
  • Talk about how volunteering can increase your knowledge, skills, and raise your fun factor.
  • Discover career opportunities that arise across other regions.
  • Build and strengthen your professional network connections around the world.
  • Share opportunities to earn PDUs.
  • Swap good data management jokes.
  • Enjoy social engagement with an elite group of like-minded individuals.
  • Contribute new ideas to grow our community.
CPDA Interactive events are designed with CPDAs in mind, but all are welcome to attend.