Check out the new CPDA Spotlight

The PPDM Association are excited to announce the launch of our new quarterly CPDA Spotlight, created by the Petroleum Data Management Certification Committee (PDMCC) to recognize the amazing achievements of our CPDAs. The PDMCC would like to congratulate our first CPDA Spotlight, Ankur Agarwal, who earned his CPDA in 2019. Ankur took the time to tell us about his data management journey and why he became CPDA. “Being a Certified Petroleum Data Analyst has helped me to quantify and qualify my skills in oil and gas data management” said Ankur. Learn more and submit your nominations for future spotlights on our new CPDA Spotlight page.

The Petroleum Data Management Certification would also like to introduce the new Ways to Earn Your PDUs document, a new resource to support our CPDAs, which explores the PDU activity areas and provides CPDAs with examples of PDU activities. Visit the Credential Maintenance Page to download your copy now!