Board Nominations Committee


In 2016, the Legal Committee of the PPDM Board of Directors proposed the creation of an independent Nominations Committee to oversee the nomination process for eligibility for election to the position of Director of the PPDM Association. The committee has the role of vetting and endorsing candidates most qualified to lead the organization, but would not have the role of limiting member candidacy. The Nominations Committee is comprised of between three to five former members of the Board of Directors of the PPDM Association, or members of the PPDM community with established leadership capabilities who remain members in good standing of the Association. Accountable to the Board of Directors, this Committee was formed in early 2018. More information about this Committee is available in the Charter.


  • Yogi Schulz (Corvelle Consulting)
  • Janet Hicks (Retired)
  • Fred Kunzinger (Retired)
  • Paul Haines (Infosys)