Council of Chairs

Committee Background and Purpose

The strategic plan of the PPDM Association, created by the PPDM Board of Directors (BOD), established a framework of interdependent functions. In 2016, about 20 regional leadership teams, committees and work groups were in place to address aspects of the strategic plan. The Board of Directors created the PPDM Council of Chairs (P-COC) to ensure excellent communication and collaboration among these functional groups.

The P-COC includes members of the BOD, key PPDM staff and the chairs of Regional Leadership Teams, Committees and Work Groups (Functional Groups).  Each functional group has a seat on the P-COC. 

Primary roles for the P-COC
  • To provide input into the strategic plan created by the Board of Directors, and contribute to the annual business plan that is developed by PPDM staff in conjunction with members.
  • To discuss strategic opportunities or challenges related to a functional group with the Board of Directors, and leaders of other functional groups.
  • To share communication about how each functional group is contributing to the goals and objectives of PPDM.
  • To identify and act on opportunities for synergy between the functional groups.
  • To ensure that PPDM is not engaging in duplicate or redundant effort, and to harmonize any such efforts for effective delivery.

Goals and Objectives

A recognized professional discipline is created by a governed body of ethics-driven professionals who have an intentional and common purpose to develop, deploy and support a body of knowledge and professional development for the practice of data management as a professional discipline. A Professional Society is the most common framework within which this occurs.

The P-COC will support the PPDM strategic plan through a set of cohesive, integrated, and relevant products and services. Strong relationships exist between every element of the plan; to succeed we must all support and build on each functional groups’ work. The strategic plan is updated from time to time by the Board of Directors, and is available to all functional groups.