Hydraulic Fracturing Work Group

The process of hydraulic fracturing is essential for the economic production of unconventional hydrocarbons, including shale and tight gas and oil.   The availability of good quality hydraulic fracturing data is required for performing analysis of previous jobs in order to optimize future fracs as well as to identify best candidates for refracing.

The current PPDM 3.8 and 3.9 data models lack the detail necessary for storing the stage level frac information that engineers require for this analysis. For example: multiple proppant sizes and amounts, treatment pressures (min, max, and average), fluid volumes and additives for each stage in a frac job.

The requirement is to extend the PPDM 3.9 data model to capture a "sweet spot" of stage level frac information that engineers typically use for analysis of past frac jobs.  The desired outcome is for the PPDM data model to support the capture and management of the key information required to analyze and optimize well performance:  well construction (well header, directional data, wellbore equipment, well history/events), geological/reservoir properties (measured and interpreted), stimulation (including hydraulic fracturing) and production.

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