What is a Well Evergreen

Ask ten times “What is a well?” and you might get ten different answers. People think of a well in terms of their workflows and experience. A reservoir engineer, production accountant, landman, field operator, business executive, and data manager all have different perspectives. Semantics (the contextual meaning of a word) can cause miscommunication within and beyond an organization. To address this issue, a PPDM Association Work Group, sponsored by several operating companies and data vendors, created baseline definitions for important well components in 2014. These definitions have become the foundation to analyze the terminology used by regulatory agencies around the world. This booklet presents the baseline definitions for the Well Components across the Well life cycle. As changes to the industry have come about, this Evergreen Work Group is proposed to revisit the work done in the last iteration of What is A Well and update it as appropriate.

Industry Resources

This workgroup is open to any PPDM Association member. Expectations will be specified in the charter.

Is needed as specified in the charter that will be developed next.

Interested? Here’s what comes next

PPDM workgroups are launched and operated in accordance with “the PPDM Way”. If you are interested in this workgroup, please email projects.
  • Ideas for workgroups are originated by PPDM members through dialogue with PPDM.
  • A proposal outlining the idea is circulated among PPDM members. (this is that document)
  • Members who are interested in participating contact the PPDM Office. This group will compose the workgroup charter.  The charter will define the scope, deliverables, time frame, cost and resource needs for the workgroup.
  • The PPDM Board of Directors approves the workgroup charter.
  • Members agree to fund and resource the workgroup as needed.
  • The workgroup kicks off and completes the deliverables outlined in the charter.