What is a Well Milestone

Technical advances in methods used to construct and prepare wells for operations have paved the way for tremendous industry growth over the last several decades. New drilling tools and measuring capabilities allow us to construct many closely spaced wellbores. Hydraulic fracturing and hydrocarbon recovery systems maximize the return from each investment.

Industry vocabularies have failed to keep pace with these advances, however. Terminology that worked well only a few years ago now introduces ambiguity and lack of clarity that can interfere with communication and the interdisciplinary connections that are essential to our industry. PPDM Association’s What Is A Well and Well Status and Classification initiatives created Rosetta Stones that help harmonize corporate and regional dialects.

How to Become a Member

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This workgroup is open to any PPDM Association member. Expectations will be specified in the charter.

Is needed as specified in the charter that will be developed next.

Interested? Here’s what comes next

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  • Members agree to fund and resource the workgroup as needed.
  • The workgroup kicks off and completes the deliverables outlined in the charter.