Competency-Based Learning

The Challenge

Most data professionals do not have access to a high quality, competency based professional development programs. The energy industry relies heavily on data that is shared and interchanged; the consequence to data capability and preparedness can be serious, including:

  • Wasted time and effort (up to 30%) as geoscientists, engineers, data scientists and others struggle to find and prepare data for analysis because dissonant and unprepared data sources are not ready to use.
  • Slow, inefficient and unverified learning processes for new staff or re-skilling existing staff, causing delays of up to four years for full resource capability or poor resource agility and portability.
  • Patchy knowledge verification makes hiring new staff, consultancies or contractors uncertain.
  • Variable data management knowledge and practices for the stakeholder base (operators, vendors, regulators, financers …) resulting in poor communication, errors in interpretation and critical data loss.
  • Inconsistent data practices, resulting in data dissonance and systems that need to be “managed” over and over again.
  • Under-used industry best practices, impacting interoperability and data readiness for analysis and interpretation.


The Opportunities

PPDM Association proposes a joint venture between multiple companies (invite only) to contribute to the development of a Competency-Based Learning (CBL) Program. Participation as sponsor and advisor will be limited to not more than 4 companies.

Competency-Based Learning


Competency - Based Learning