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PPDM Association Call for Nominations

Calgary, AB, Canada, August 4, 2022 – In accordance with the PPDM Association Bylaws, nominations are now open for the PPDM Association Board of Directors. The Board is looking for experienced executive thinkers...

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What is a Facility is a faceted taxonomy created by the PPDM Association to deal with the multitude of values describing facilities in the global energy industry...

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Learn about the CPDA Program at the Perth Workshop

Antonie du Toit will be delivering a great talk on the CPDA Certification at the Perth Data Management Workshop on August 18th. Don’t miss this spicy tongue-in-cheek look at personality types and traits and how...

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What is Seismic

PPDM is responding to member interest in a potential new work group called "What is Seismic?" If you are interested in discussing how such a project might help data professionals and...

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Perth Workshop Approaching

The Agenda for the 2022 Perth Energy Data Workshop is now available, featuring talks on a variety of topics from geoscience data transformation to new energy data. Check out the agenda now...

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Job Market Survey Results now available

Visit our PPDM website (Professional Development – Resources) to access the Job Market Survey PowerBI and downloadable reports. This comprehensive view of compensation, benefits...

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Featured Podcast: Three Data Wise Guys + One - Why Data Management Still Matters (#1)

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