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Providing Practical Solutions for Digital Transformation Through Data Access & Integration

PetroGrid is a company focused on providing true digital transformation solutions to the upstream oil and gas industry. Since 2013, PetroGrid has produced innovative products to integrate disparate database systems (PGSocket™) and manage and integrate WITSML™ data (PGXML®). PetroGrid’s latest offering, PGXML-Web™, now provides unprecedented levels of WITSML data capture, storage, access, management, and integration without compromising on speed and performance, all through a simple and easy-to-use web application.

As demand grows to digitally transform upstream petro-technical data, PetroGrid continues to innovate solutions to help our clients achieve their business objectives.

Product Details

PGXML-Web™ is a platform that enables the capture, management, and access of real-time drilling data and all WITSML® supported data elements. It is built on Oracle®, utilizing its object-relational capabilities but simplified through a web interface. PGXML-Web utilizes a clean and simple drag-and-drop utility to add WITSML files into the system. All WITSML files are stored natively within the system to ensure no data loss while the WITSML contents are processed into various tables for faster and more flexible data access. PGXML-Web is also WITSML version-neutral supporting both current and legacy versions of WITSML. Because PGXML-Web uses relational technology, the WITSML processed data contained within the system can easily be integrated with data from other relational database systems (e.g. PPDM data). For ease of use, user interaction with the system is accomplished through a web-browser interface providing access from either a desktop or mobile devices. This feature enables a flexible choice of implementation either on the cloud or on-premises. Team collaboration is further enhanced through the system-wide sharing of user-customizable reports. Regardless of the level of deployment, PGXML-Web can easily scale up or down to meet organizational requirements ranging from an enterprise level implementation supporting hundreds of simultaneous users or down to a departmental or even team level deployment.

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