PDM-002: What is a Well (WIAW)

Industry Standards: Non-Technical

Course Instructor:

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2 Hours
No Prerequisites
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Course Option: 
Classroom, Private, Online, Webex

Target Audience:
Project team members, including project managers, analysts, developers and business stakeholders, who are preparing for an implementation of a PPDM Well data store, or who will map between a proprietary data store and PPDM.

Course Description:
In an age of integrated data, using words clearly and consistently is critical to success. This course helps you understand why and how the language used to describe various components of a well has diverged over time, which has made clear communication difficult.

We’ll help you navigate global semantic differences and understand the components of a well. In addition, we review the ground-breaking work done by the collaborative industry project "What is a Well" (WIAW), and the WIAW interactive tool, baseline definitions, representative diagrams, and baseline comparisons.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Identify baseline definitions associated with WIAW (i.e. Well, Well Set, Well Origin, Wellbore, Wellbore Segment, etc.)
  • Review and discuss the WIAW interactive tool created by a PPDM Association Work Group, and the importance of this resource to the petroleum industry
  • Recognize the appropriate application of the baseline definitions as they pertain to the petroleum industry data management roles
  • Review examples of WIAW representative diagrams and discuss individual components over the lifecycle of a well, and recognize common situations that often result in misunderstanding and data management problems
  • Discuss how the WIAW tool can assist you in understanding regulatory practices, and potential pitfalls associated with reporting
  • Understand how the variability with which wells are identified can lead to long learning times and increased risk of error

Evaluation Method(s) / Metrics:
There are no tests or measurements for the Classroom course. There is an examination for the online course (70% or higher to achieve a Pass).

Completion Award:
PPDM Certificate of Completion

Special Requirements:
No special requirements associated with this course.