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$100 USD (New Member)
$75 USD (Renewal)
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Register Online
Every employee of a member company qualifies for a free Corporate Representative membership.  

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Member Eligibility

PPDM membership is bound by the following restrictions:

  • The PPDM Bylaws.
  • If you are currently unemployed or a professor, please contact us for special rates. Special rates are not retroactive.
  • Because our membership is international, we also endeavor to adhere to Trade restrictions, including those of the United States Government.
  • Students further require a valid email address and Student ID from their educational institution.

By becoming a member of the PPDM Association, you agree that you qualify for membership in the PPDM Association, and that you are not included on any trade restriction lists.

PPDM membership is available to corporations and individuals. The rights associated with each membership level are described in the membership documents.