Job Families Grid

The Professional Development Committee produced this high-level overview of business activity (left) and the types of data management-related role titles (right) that would be employed across the business activity. It is important to note, the committee was focused on familiar job titles, recognizing different organizations may call these roles by other titles. The roles that are highlighted in red are the six roles the committee created foundational Job Descriptions for our professional discipline to utilize. You may access those descriptions under our Career Resources section.
Job Families Sample Job Titles
Level 1 (L1) Level 2 (L2) Level 3 (L3) Level 4 (L4) Example roles - The PDC will focus on competencies for roles highlighted in red.
Corporate / IT Upstream Strategy / Goverance Chief Information Officer, Architect
Standards / Policy Data Analyst, Chief Data Manager
Projects Petrotechnical Business Analyst, Project Manager
Digital Transformation Petrotechnical Data Scientist, Data Engineer
Midstream / Downstream Phase 3
Upstream Subsurface Geoscience Wells Data Manager, Geoscience Technician, Data Analyst
Seismic Data Manager, Data Specialist, Data Steward
Engineering Well (D&C) Data Manager, Engineering Technician, Data Specialist, Data Steward
Reservoir Reservoir Engineering Data Manager, Reserves Data Specialist, Data Steward
Production Data Manager, Data Specialist, Data Steward
Geospatial Subsurface GIS Data Manager, Spatial Data Specialist, Data Steward
Surface Facilities Engineering Engineering Engineering Data Manager, Operations Data Specialist, Data Steward
Geospatial Facilities GIS Data Manager/Specialist, Data Steward
Land Phase 2
Finance Phase 2
Midstream Phase 3
Downstream Phase 3
New Energy Phase 3 and beyond