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In order to successfully complete the examination and maintain the CPDA™ designation, Candidates should have a minimum five (5) years of oil and gas data management experience. Applicants may come from a variety of backgrounds (e.g., technical, analytical, numerical, or scientific background).

Candidates are expected to review the certification handbook.

Application Process

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Certification Handbook


Examination Fees

There is an Administration Fee and an Exam Fee associated with this credential. PPDM Members will receive a reduced rate on their Administration Fee.

Once you have passed the CPDATM Examination you will transition to an annual renewal fee schedule. Once the payment of the Administration Fee has been received, you will have twelve (12) months to complete the CPDATM exam. Certification fees are non-refundable.

Certification Fee Schedule PPDM Member Non-Member
 Administration Fee
 Examination Fee (Yardstick)
$81.00 $81.00
 *Annual Renewal Fees
 Plus, applicable taxes