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In today’s complex E&P environment, mistakes in data analysis and management can result in major environmental and human impact with serious, even fatal consequences. The professionalization of petroleum data management will ensure that best practices are shared and upheld within our industry, reducing risk and allowing better decision-making. Your certification as a Petroleum Data Analyst will demonstrate to employers, clients, and colleagues your established level of expertise in the petroleum data management domain, and your unique skill set to bring success to data management projects.

Who Can Certify

The exam has been constructed upon the competencies expected of a petroleum data analyst with 3-5 years of combined education and experience. This requirement was developed recognizing that working as a petroleum data analyst offers experience that simply cannot be gained through coursework and study alone. Review the CPDA™ Handbook for more details.

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See what our certified professionals are saying


Cyril Gagnaire

CPDA with Distinction, DataCo
“One thing I can say is that I was quite surprised at how comprehensive the test was. Now that I’ve done it, I realise a bit more the value and the quality of the certification.”

Leiser Watkins

CPDA, Apache
“It is a wonderful certification and I think it’s a great credential to have.”

Neil Constantine

MD, CPDA, DataCo Australia
“We recognise the value of CPDA and see this as a commercial differentiator, allowing DataCo to demonstrate to clients our commitment to data management as a profession and a means to ensure that DataCo staff have the opportunity for continued development and to become well-rounded data managers.”

Daniel Perna

CPDA, EPAM Systems
“Studying the materials recommended by the CPDA handbook revolutionized my view of data management as a discipline, giving me a better framework for problems and solutions in my work managing data. I have often returned to those principles and resources to solve new problems more quickly without having to repeat others’ mistakes, which has helped me grow dramatically as a data manager and consultant. That in itself is reason to pursue this certification, but in addition, I have seen the CPDA certification open new doors of opportunity and increase my credibility with various types of customers that I serve when they don’t yet know me. I highly recommend it.”