Professional Development

The PPDM Association leads the charge in establishing and supporting the professional discipline for energy data managers. This is accomplished through the work of three committees made up of senior subject matter experts and academics. The Energy Data Management Certification Committee (EDMCC) oversees all aspects of credentialed programs. This group governs the Certified Petroleum Data Analyst (CPDA™) examination and makes recommendations for future growth based on industry needs. The Professional Development Committee (PDC) develops resources critical to a professional discipline. These include publications such as the competency framework, job market surveys, assessment tools, job descriptions, and many more. The PPDM Education Advisory Committee (PEAC) contributes to the identification of training program needs and content development. They also launched a podcast series “Three Data Wise Guys + One”, which discusses the challenges facing energy data managers and corporate entities. The second series is about to launch the second season with a formidable guest speaker roster of largely female industry data management influencers.

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