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PPDM Services and Website Terms & Conditions

By signing this document, you allow the PPDM Association to ensure that everyone’s contributions, including yours, will be stewarded for Industry in the long term.  PPDM Member companies consent to these conditions in their membership application.   Our ability to take advantage of your participation as a non-member of the PPDM Association is also important to us.  We appreciate your cooperation.

  1. The signatory assigns non-exclusive rights to any proprietary interest or intellectual property interest the signatory may have in the signatory’s contribution to PPDM standards
  2. The signatory waives all moral right in any copyright relating to the contribution to the Model or other products for all relevant purposes and for the full term of such moral rights in favour of the PPDM Association, its successors and assignees.
  3. Notwithstanding the above, all information and/or data submitted, marked confidential, and not incorporated into the Model or other products, shall be held confidential by the PPDM Association, and shall not be available for view or use outside of the PPDM Association, without prior consent of the non-member participant who submitted such information.
  4. The PPDM Association shall have no liability of any nature and kind to the participant for any use made by the participant of any PPDM Model or other product, which use is at the sole risk, expense, and liability of the participant.
* Why does PPDM need this?

Stewardship is vital to the success of PPDM standards; this means that we must ensure that we have your consent to integrate your ideas and recommendations into the standards that will be published. In legal terms this is called non-exclusive assignment of intellectual property interest. Simply put, you retain the rights to your own ideas and knowledge, but also give the Association the right to incorporate your contributions in project and work group deliverables.

During the working group process, ideas and recommendations from many participants will be discussed; the final product created will incorporate elements from this input. When you waive your moral right in the copyright, you agree that your ideas may not be implemented exactly as you put them forward, and gives the PPDM Association the right to incorporate them in ways that best address the requirements of the project or work group.

Yes, I agree to the PPDM Services and Website Terms and Conditions.*

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